A Wasted Day

Lord, today was a long day.  I had a big long list of thing to do and did none of them.  How do I do that so often.  I think that I am becoming Solomon’s sluggard.  Soon I shall be staying in bed all day and will need to get the WD40 out when the hinges get rusty from turning back and forth all day on my bed.  I have become such a procrastinator.  I’m not sure that this accomplishes any kind of glory for you or expresses any kind of praise.  I mean rest is good – but I really did have things that needed doing.  Some were to make the most of opportunities that you have given me that I didn’t earn.  I’m not sure why you put up with me – I frustrate myself.  Please forgive me and help me make good use of the rest of the day.

 Right now I’m really really hungry.  Thank you for food.



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