Fruit to Finish With

Dear God,

Thanks for your word.  I mean without it I wouldn’t really understand very much about you – not that I do now in the grand scheme of things. Only what you’ve shown me. Only enough.  Please keep teaching me more because I want to learn to know you and to be someone who honours you – even if it doesn’t look like it a lot of the time. I was reading Philippians this morning.  Paul reckons that you carry the work that you start in people on to completion.  I wonder was he talking about their salvation and eventually going to heaven, or if he meant growing to be more like you.  Probably the first.  Either way it’s excellent.  Thanks for the reassurance.

It’s hard not to doubt.  I mean just yesterday when I was wrestling with the idea of all of the discouragements that have come up over the last couple of years and the amount of times I’ve nearly given up, I got really frightened.  I felt so angry with you I couldn’t stand it.  All of a sudden the littlest of things became insults by you to me.  The bugs in my tomatos, my dead snow peas, the chronic illness, every twinge of my sprained ankle, the flat tyre on the car earlier this morning, the sound of next door’s plumbing, the extra toothpaste that came popping out when I squeezed the tube too hard, the hair dye residue on my pillowcase – right down to the day when I had bad luck all day because I put socks that were unlucky on that morning with the left foot on before the right in yr 6.  It was all yours.  You had it in for me.  You didn’t want me.  I was meant to fall away.  But no.

Thank you for reminding me this moring that you will finish what you started.  Help me to grow as Paul prayed for the Philippians so that they may grow in knowlege und understanding (or deeper perception – full insight) so that I can work out what’s best until you come (or I die).

Lord please teach me what it means to be filled me with the fruit of righteousness that comes though Jesus.  I want to bring you glory and praise.  Please forgive me for going bananas at you last night when things went pear shaped.  And for that if its not reverent enough.  Thanks again that you finish what you start.  Help me to remember that.




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