Can I Be A Star?

Dear God,

Please help me today not to be cranky.  I didn’t sleep very well.  I just kept tossing and turning and feeling really stupid.  I realised after writing it down that I called your gospel “nothing” when Gina asked me what I’d wanted to talk to her about.  Sure, she doesn’t know that – but that’s awful.  Then when I did go to sleep, I kept dreaming that a great herd of angels came down and shook my bed violently all night and I kept waking up feeling seasick and wanting to vomit.  And then something funny happened.  I remembered that you promise to finish what you start and they stopped.  And then I woke up.  Weird, hey.  Did I mention that my hair was purple -and I was wearing a gorilla suit?  Needless to say I’m tired.  Lord, help me keep my temper today and to be patient and to concentrate and still look for opportunities to share your gospel with people – and to be clear if they come up.  Please help me to concentrate this morning for my Bible reading time too.

Wow, God, when I think of Philippians 2, I’m used to just thinking about the bit we sing in that song at Church – but there’s so much more to it.  There’s so much more to that slab of scripture too.

Nothing out of selfish ambition – sounds easy, but I don’t know… When I think about the times I race for the car spot, or push myself forward for the best blocks of time in the conference rooms at work – is that selfish ambition?  Help me to remember to consider others first as better than me – Kylie who has to pick her kids up from school probably needs some of the times I hog. And sure I work short days too, but really it doesn’t matter if I’m five minutes late out the door or have to change my hours back by half and hour to accommodate her picking her kids up.

It says here that my attitude should be the same as Jesus.  Humble, obedient, and he came to serve people – a people who needed salvation.  God, I confess that that kind of scares me.  It’s big.  But help me change my attitude to be like this.  Make me humble and obedient to you, and please help me to be servant hearted because I know that I’m not.  It says that I should live out my salvation in fear and trembling because you work in me to will and to act according to your good purpose.  Lord that’s pretty huge.  I don’t think I’m anywhere near good enough for you to do that with me.  It blows me away that you can and do even though I’m so far short of what Jesus is.

Lord if you are the one working through me for your purpose that’s an honour.  Please change my attitude to thanksgiving.  Help me not to complain and argue at you or others about the things you have for me to do.

Can I really shine like a star in the universe?

Lord, again help me hold out the word of life today.  Please show me with someone with ears to hear who is ready to listen.



3 Responses to “Can I Be A Star?”

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  2. hiwaychristian Says:

    I linked your post to mine because you desire to share Jesus. And by the fact that you say something I didn’t. You ARE a star. There are bright ones and dim ones. But you are a star of the Lord regardless.

    By the link, your testimony expands. Take heart, as do I, that we do not wrestle against our fears alone. He bought us before we even knew Him. He is bringing us to the place He has designed for our hands. Your skills are not mine. And my skills are not yours. Yet the Lord is able to create a great beauty by combining His testimony through all His people. In short, we do not serve Him alone. And we make a very unique noise in his symphony of salvation.

    By His Grace.

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