Dear God,

Today I praise you with a ready heart. Today is a day of joy. The kids did well on their exercises – they’ve been practicing, so I started on something new with both of them. I’m not sure that they don’t have some sort of competition going – but – who am I to know such things? Its not like Paul, Joel & I never competed over anything. And the cousins… That was one of the biggest blows with the onset of this rotten illness in my early twenties, I couldn’t keep up anymore. Didn’t want to for a while. A mortal wound for a Johns. But it led me to the people who led me to you, so I can do nothing but accept your way and praise you for your grace.

At the moment I think that Emily’s using the drums to work off her anger. I’m glad she’s got a constructive place to direct it. Its got to be hard to lose you mum when you’re nine.

Lord, thanks for a nice afternoon. Hammock. Sunshine. Shady spot. Radio. Cricket. Dozing. Good book. Phone call from Scotland – best friend was missing me – I’ve missed her too, it’s been ages….

I needed today. And the extra avocado the cook accidently put on the gormet pizza I splurged on for tea was a fabulous addition.

May I have another Saturday like this next week please?

Actually, the cricket was painful. Could you change the cricket? Please change the cricket.



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