The Family Farm

Dear God,

Thank you for weekends.  I love Saturdays.  I love music lessons with Hamish and Emily, and I can’t wait until Jazzy’s allowed to start with the cello next year.  I couldn’t believe Joel and Karen agreed to let Hamish learn drums!  They’re so proper.  It’s such a privilege to be an aunt … and a sister.  Although it is funny to see Joel with Karen – he was always such a slob until he met her.  Thanks for the special time I get to spend with Joel’s son and Paul’s daughter.  I can’t wait until next week when Emily and Jazz sleep over.  Help me to plan something special for them to show them more about you.  Thanks that Paul is happy for me to teach them how wonderful you are.

Lord in Psalm 1 you say that the one who doesn’t walk in the way of the wicked but delights in the law of the law of the Lord is blessed.  I know from Philippians that it is Jesus who fulfilled the law to whom we now turn and imitate.  David speaks about the one who delights in the law meditating on it day and night.  The result:  like a tree with a constant source of water, flourishing and producing fruit in season.  A promise that the Lord watches over the way of the righteous.

Father, fill my heart and my mind and my will with the thanksgiving and a desire to walk in the way of Christ my Lord.  With the things that you are teaching me day by day.  Help me to reach out to others with your word.
I ask you to bring Joel and Karen to a point where they are more open to your gospel, or are at least willing to let me speak with Hamish about you.  And his brother, Callum – he asks such funny questions.
“Aunty Alciana, why does God only live at your house? You don’t even have a bedroom for Him.”
Please show me the way forward with this and wisdom in how to handle an awkward situation.  Thanks for Paul’s openness and his willingness to talk.  Please comfort him as the scars from Lisa’s death are still so raw.  Help me to be there for him and the girls and to know when to speak and when to wait.  Thank you for Mum’s interest in coming to church with me.  Lord, please may she follow that through.  And Father, please help Dad to stop ignoring or just arguing against your truth and come to saving faith.
Sometimes I think I live on a farm with my family’s responses to you.  Dad’s the pig – because he just keeps on grunting, Joel is the Mule – too stubborn to budge; Mum’s the mother duck, still herding her chicks and making sure they’re safe; and Paul is the ever-faithful working dog, brutally injured and hurting so much he can barely stand it but determined not to let the family side down and so lets me share the wonder that is you.
Please forgive me if that’s disrespectful – I promise I didn’t mean any of it disrespectfully.  Only you know their hearts.  Please open and change them.



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