Blessed Refuge

Dear God,

Thanks for a lovely sleep.   Lovely dream of good times in Scotland from last year with some wierd moments thrown in – I’m sure the snowman wasn’t animated.  I woke up, as usual on a Sunday, all tangle up in my doona sprawled all over the bed.  Aah!  Feeling nice and refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Reading from Psalm 2 today, Lord.  This is one of the ones that always blows me away.  One of the ones that has shadows of Jesus in it.  I always think its amazing how you did that – revealed stuff to David that was now but not yet – like you do with us.  The kings of this world standing against the Lord and his Anointed – his own appointed King, his Son.  A warning to serve the Lord with fear – awe, and to rejoice with trembling and to bow to the Son, his annointed.  Take refuge in the Lord or be destroyed.

But it’s not an awful refuge he offers.  It’s a place of awe and rejoicing in wonder.  Its a blessing.  The kings are being offered something great.

And yet they refuse to submit and plot against him and will ultimately be destroyed.

So much like the peoples today.  So much like the gospel.  Turn and submit to God and his Son or face destruction.  The Son has bought you blessing by his own blood, just ask forgiveness and submit – and yet so many walk away.  But for those of us who come there is rejoicing and blessing.  And prayers for those yet to turn, from all nations.

Father, please help me to be a faithful witness and to share your gospel.  Lord, please bless my family with your refuge – your salvation.  Thanks that Paul and his girls are asking questions.  Well – that Paul’s letting the girls ask questions in front of him and then listening harder to the answers than they are.  Thanks for Mum’s interest in coming to Church and Hamish’s curiosity.  Please open Joel and Dad to you too. Please also open Gina’s heart to your message tomorrow also.  Help me to prepared to give an answer to any question she may have.

Lord, I hadn’t thought about Gina having questions.  I think I’m going to be sick.  Help! Whatever made me think I could do this …  You’re going to have to get me though this, you know that, right?



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