For Heaven’s Sake

Dear God,

Today I’m wearing my hot pink shirt.  It’s symbolic.  If I’m called to stand out like the proverbial elephant, let me do it readily and with boldness!  Today I have lunch with Gina in the beer gardens at the pub.  Today I share with her the gospel.

I have my puffer.  I don’t need it often – but will today, I’m sure.  I am also packing extra deodorant to drown out the smell of smoke for the afternoon, some mint flavoured chewy and some herbal teabags.  And some pain killers.  I’m sure to have a roaring headache after an hour in the pub’s beer garden.  Lord, I’m so nervous – please help me to be ready.  Help me to be clear.  Open her up to the gospel.  Only you can prepare her.

Lord, reading your word this morning, I’m reminded that Gina is one of those who is still an enemy of the cross.  She may not be a persecutor – but she’s a passive enemy – by not standing under you she stands against you.  Her current destiny is destruction, her god is her own satisfaction and what she glories in is not you, so it is only worthy of shame.  Father, what she wants she can only have on Earth.  Please teach her about Heaven.  May she long to live there with you as I do.  As believers everywhere do.  Lord, please reveal to her your truth, the hope of the gospel.

Thank you for the certainty of Heaven.  Thank you that one day Jesus will return to make this body like his.

Father, help me to stand firm today, no matter what.


Note to self: Just think – a heavenly body 🙂  … I’m sure God shakes his head at me sometimes.


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