Dear God,

Thanks for sleep and thanks for pills.  Please bring healing soon.  Lord please help me stay ahead of the migraine today and to watch the time so that I don’t miss doses when I need them.  Let the painful dancing, head thrashing elephants sleep today – or even better, tippy-toe off home.  I can live with heavy head.  Just no parties please.  And no pink-elephant-me racing across the office to the bathroom.

Father, the Philippians must have been generous to Paul – he says they sacrificed for the things sent to further the work of the gospel – several times.  While not with him they do what they can for the work outside of Philippi.  Its such a priority to them to see the gospel go out that they give up other things in its favour.

Lord, this is such a contrast with the world.  This is one of the ways that I always think a relationship between believing/unbelieving couples must rub raw in marriage.  We need to support the gospel work vs we need to redecorate is a struggle enough in the west without mixed priorities driving the spending.  I think that’s one of the big areas that highlights to me how far apart our worlds would be if I were to start seeing a non-Christian just because there were no Christian guys were I to get lonely.  There would be a whole new kind of loneliness there.

Lord, I find Paul’s contentment incredible.  Learning to be content regardless of circumstances: here is a man in chains,who has also been in want and in need before.  He also says that he could be content if he were comfortable.  Odd to point out – does this mean that he’s attitude to both could be the same?  It certainly reads as though it were.  Instead he focuses on contentment – living in Christ as his source of this.

Father, if this is the source of all contentment, then make me too more like Christ.  By your grace please complete in me the work that you started when you claimed me as your own.

Amidst all this – the migraine from Monday’s triggers, the need for contentment in Christ; Father, I ask you to please work in Gina by your Spirit to draw her back to you.

Lord may I also be ready to share Jesus with the lady on the bus today.



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