Dear God,

Today I feel restless.  That’s probably got something to do with the way in the morning began.

To start with, the lady I have been talking to you was not on the bus this morning.  I felt a bit lost without her. I wondered where she was.  She had a really important question that needed an answer.  Maybe tomorrow.

Next thing I knew a shadow hovered over me.  I looked up.

“He-e-ey,” the kid – sorry – young adult, from yesterday hung off the pole adjoining my seat.  Upon my making eye contact he sat down.  “I was wondering if you could …  if you could teach me to do that – you know … what you were doing yesterday … ”

“Talk to old ladies?”

“Yeah! Nah! Well, Yeah.  Kind of.  But like you were.  And not just old ladies.”

“You mean answer peoples’ questions?”

“Sort of. I mean sharing the gospel.  I mean to introduce someone to Jesus – that would be awesome …” he keeps talking as I gather up my stuff.  My stop is approaching.

He keeps talking.

And talking.

And talking.

“uh …”

And talking …

“Excuse …”

…and talking …

and my stop is gone.  In fact it is so long gone by the time I have a chance to get a word in edgewise that I had long given up trying to alight the bus before the uni.

“… So what do you say?” he concludes.

“Hmmm?” I attempt not to look like I’ve missed his entire one sided conversation.

“Will you teach me?”

Oh.  Okay.  Same question.  That’s easy.

“I’m not sure that I can.  I’m only just learning myself.  All I can say is that if you fill your head with God’s word and his wisdom and what is pure and right and praiseworthy, then you will be ready to speak wisdom.  Fill your mind with the gospel and things of Christ and you’ll know how to answer people.  And find someone with experience to train you.  I won’t be much help there, I’m afraid.”

“Right” he says with a nod.  “pure and right and praiseworthy”.  He nods again. “Do a course.  Good idea.”  And with that he turns and walks jauntily away, turning briefly to look over his shoulder and wave, “Bye!”.

But it’s not a bad idea.  Lord, please remind me to ask Bennie to help me find someone or look for a course to join.

Now.  How do you get to work from the Uni?

I will tell you the same thing I told the kid asking me to train him.  Ask someone who knows.

I got lost.

Three times.

That’s four buses.

Father, how do I lead people to you?  I get lost getting to work on a bus!

So I get to work LATE.  Seat is empty, but all are surprised to see me.

“What are you doing here?”

Apparently the last couple of days have made an impression.

“I was in the area and decided to pop in to use the coffee machine.”

“Go home.  You look awful.”

“Thanks.  You look smashing too in that tie, but your wife let you out of the house in it, so I suppose I can work like this.”

They scatter.

In the background I hear Derek worrying at someone “My tie’s not that awful is it?”; “It’s fine Derek, she was just back-chatting”.

Oops.  Sorry Lord.  I’ll have to go and reassure Derek later and offer apologies if they’re needed.

Gina takes one look at me and says, “They’re right.  You look like …”

“Don’t go there.”

“Okay.  Look, I owe you an apology.  I knew the beer garden would set your asthma off – I figured it’d help you cover the tears …”

I can feel myself turning red.

“You knew I was crying?”

“I  would have – back then.  I didn’t imagine it would make you this ill for three days.  I am so sorry.  Am I forgiven?”  She grins as an afterthought.

And she is.

Especially when promises to shout me lunch somewhere else when I’m feeling up to it … and more to the point, helps me shift some of my backlog of paper work.

Thank you that you made me ready before she asked.  It would have been so easy to be furious for these few days.

More pills.  More elephants leaving my head where they’ve been lounging against the walls until fit to travel.  Thank you.

I wonder what happened to the lady from the bus this morning.  Today there is something bothering me.  I’d like to talk to her.  I know I don’t know her, but she needs to listen to what I have to say in answer to her question about how to know Jesus.  Please God, prepare her heart to hear.



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