Curiously Curious

Today was strange.

You know those days where you know that something is supposed to happen, but nothing actually does.

Graham replaced the coffeepot, saying that he didn’t care whose budget it was supposed to come out of – yesterday had been the worst day at work since … then he stopped and looked right at Gina … (although I only noticed that because I was right beside her and she looked right back at him) then carried on … since he didn’t know when.

But that wasn’t true.  Graham knew exactly when the day was worse.

And so did Gina.

And now it was going to drive me crazy.

Ever wonder how gossip started?

Oh the temptation!

“Kelly, did you see the way that Graham looked at Gina when he was talking about the worst day since something else happening? … ” BUT YOU JUST CAN’T DO THAT.  Well I couldn’t anyway.  Not to Gina.  Or Graham.  But I really, really, really want to know what that was about.  I wonder if Gina would mind if I asked.

No.  She’d have said something if she wanted to.


Maybe she just doesn’t know how to raise it???

Now you’re being an idiot.  Gina always knows how to say what she wants to say.

“Do you want to tell me what you’re stewing about over there?” Okay.  So now she’s noticed that I’m restless.  Do I tell her?

“Ummm.  Nothing.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got all the style of Audrey Hepburn.  Spill.”

“You and Graham go back a long way, don’t you?” take it slowly.

“You could say that”

Drat, she’s going to make me work for it.

“Do you and him have a history?” There.  It’s out there now.

Gina laughs.  Really laughs.

“NO!” she laughs again.  Then she became serious again “You remember how I told you that I was engaged once?”

I nod dumbly.

“That was Graham’s best friend.”

Gina turned around and went back to her work.  Conversation closed.

I simply sat there, jaw hanging open, blinking.

I had had one question answered only to discover a thousand more.

I am going to give up being curious one day.

I called Megan this afternoon.  She was tied up this evening and I didn’t want to talk about Emily and Jonah’s conversation with her over the phone, so we’re having lunch tomorrow.  Megan’s coming to my place after the kids have finished their drum lessons.  After all the drama of the last week, I have a feeling that we’re both going to need it.  I have a feeling that a storm is brewing for Saturday around the time of Hamish’s drum lesson ready for delivery by the good brother Joel.

I’m not at all curious about Saturday.

Not one tiny bit.


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