About Me

I am a Christian.  I have been for 15 years, so you’d think I’d have some things nailed by now. But that’s not how it works. I think the longer you’re a Christian, the more aware you become of just how fragile righteousness is, how far short of it you fall and how much greater God is because he takes those of us who’ve come to him anyway.  I’m in my 30’s – and that’s all I’ll say … I’m NOT old and I’m not wise and I’m not humble. And I’m single and I don’t care about that either – most of the time.
I love stories, people and lots of other stuff as well as getting my own way. Don’t we all?

The name I was given at birth means ‘strong minded’.  Sometimes I am.  Sometimes people might say the opposite – like if there’s chocolate or warm, fresh bread in the room … I love music, play cello & drums.  I enjoy making things.  I like the cricket, think footy is ok and golf is a bore.  I don’t get tennis, but I think I could like it if I wanted to. Great & godly guys are hot.  Rude guys are off.  And I don’t get what’s so cute about a butt.  I’m never sure what to write about myself, but that’ll do.

The Secret of Alciana Johns

Alciana Johns is a fictional character – just don’t tell her that.  She has been crafted by the author to reflect an experience of Christian life in the modern world.  Her thoughts, responses to life and her experiences do not necessarily reflect the author’s own.

(c) Alciana’s journal remains copyright property of the author.

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